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Statue product

At last, the wondrous artistic device from Solid Labs has finally arrived! Having seen the online advertisement for the ‘Suddenly Statue’ product, Elise didn’t hesitate to order one immediately to finally achieve her impossible fantasy of becoming a statue that is placed on top of a pedestal for everyone to see.

Of course, tehis ‘Suddenly Statue’ gig by Solid Labs could have been a scam for all she knew – she couldn’t find any reliable info about the developer of this invention… but now that the actual product has been delivered here, the mere sight of the crate containing this seemingly alien machine dissolved almost all of the girl’s doubts.

After Elise wheeled the crate to a suitable spot, she opened the crate and found a stone pedestal inside it just as described. To her, it is clear that this is of no ordinary pedestal; inside the package delivered along with the pedestal is a power plug that can be connected to a hidden socket behind the device.

Without hesitation, she plugged the pedestal to the nearest unoccupied power socket and activated the pedestal on. Tapping the control pad thrice as instructed in the online manual, the stone plate hiding the interface lowered down, allowing Elise to operate it. As soon as it updated its program, Elise is now just a few steps away from literally becoming a living statue.

“I gotta make sure this works properly first.” So far, nothing appears to be wrong about the pedestal. The idea of volunteering herself to experiment device’s functionality excited her, but Elise decided to test run the Suddenly Statue device first before allowing it to transform her into an inanimate object.

She then fetched a vase of flowers and placed it on the pedestal. 

When the settings are complete, Elise pressed the ‘transform’ option for the pedestal to do its work. Anticipating for the vase of flowers to really turn to stone, Elise closed her eyes and waited patiently… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and suddenly she could hear a loud zap. The curious girl then opened her eyes and voila! As impressed as she is, Elise couldn’t believe what she saw before her: the vase and the flowers have really become stone! Rough granite as a matter of fact, as the surface of the recently created sculpture is as rough as the road itself. 

Rubbing her eyes out of disbelief, Elise carefully reached for the sculpture and gingerly touched the delicate stone flower, only to cause it to crumble by its own weight… 

“The Suddenly Statue device really worked!” The overexcited girl finally spoke again, her mouth left gaping in awe. She took the vase away from the pedestal for closer examination. However, as soon as the bottom side of the vase left the pedestal’s top surface, it quickly reverted back to its original form save for the flowers that have already become dust. 

“This is so cool! I can’t wait to tell my friends about it!”


Thread Title : “Suddenly Statue” from Solid Labs, by Euryale666

1. Euryale said : 
“I just bought this thing from Solid Labs and tested it out… turns out that it actually works! It managed to turn a vase of flowers into stone when I used it – I can’t wait to use it and turn myself into a statue just like the online advertisement!”

2. ASFRLover135 said:
“No kidding? I thought that was just a bogus ad designed as a joke?”

3. DanielDaMan said:
“Cool! Can’t wait to see you standing on it to see if it can transform you into a real statue.”

4. Euryale666 said:
“I’d like to, but I’m going to need someone to be there to help me with Suddenly Statue’s assisted operation. I could try Solo operation, but I don’t want my parents to find out that I’ve transformed myself into a statue ^^”

5. DanielDaMan said:
“How about I come over and help? We’re (technically) neighbors after all, and since its Saturday tomorrow I don’t see why not.”

6. Euryale666 said:
“Sounds good, I’ll see around the evening then!”


The next evening arrived rather quickly for the enthusiastic Elise. Daniel, her friend from the local neighborhood came to her home as promised.

“I’ve already got the pedestal up and working.” Elise welcomed Daniel into the living room where the Suddenly Statue device is setup at a corner. “Now I just have to dress up, and get up there.”

“Whoa whoa, wait a minute there.” Daniel stopped Elise before she went upstairs. “I know you’re really hot on the idea about turning yourself into stone, heck I’ll be honest – I can’t wait to see you become a sculpture either, but are you sure this thing is absolutely safe?”

“Of course! The online manual said that it can turn me back to normal if I’m taken off the pedestal at any time. I even tested it again with a stray cat, but…” Elise replied positively, only to have her voice trail off at the end. “Anyway, I’ll go upstairs and get dressed as quickly as I can. Meanwhile, you can go and help me setup the safety measures!”

“Safety measures?” Daniel wasn’t sure what she meant by that until he spotted an unusual pile of pillows hidden inside the storage room while Elise led him to the living room. “Ooooh I see. Alright, I’ll get to it.”

As Daniel began piling the pillows in front of the Suddenly Statue pedestal located in the living room, Elise went to her bedroom to get properly dressed for the live testing. Minutes later, Elise returned back to the living room wearing a Greek toga and a leaf tiara, her ponytail untied to let her long, black hair flow freely down to her waist.

“How do I look?”

“Like a happy little girl that is going to enter a fairy tale where she gets turned into a statue for an eternity?” Daniel jokingly remarked Elise’s appearance after he finished setting the pillows in place. “Yeah, I say you look absolutely gorgeous.”

Elise chuckled a bit at the comment. “At least it will be a happy ending!” Jokes aside, both Daniel and Elise had it in good mind that this kind of thing might just happen if they are not too careful with the device. That being said, Elise thinks that it might not be such a bad thing after all. “If that happens though, will you sell me to an art museum? You need the money after all, and I get to make myself useful by contributing myself to the world of art.”

“Heeey, let’s not go that far now. I don’t know what kind of a life a statue lives, but let’s just be careful and make good sure that you will be alive and tell that experience for everybody later.” Shaking off the idea that he might just decide to sell Elise off as a living sculpture, he has agreed to follow Elise’s plan to test run Solid Lab’s latest invention. With the preparations in place, Elise is now ready to be ‘suddenly statue-ed’. 

The soon-to-be-statue girl eagerly climbed onto the pedestal and instructed Daniel to activate the device. “Let me use my e-mail just in case.”

“Make sure it’s white marble!”

“Yeah, yeah, I got it… alright, I’ve set it to 30 seconds – pick a pose, Elise.” Daniel told his friend after he pressed the transform option on the interface. Elise stepped forward a little bit and placed a hand over her chest, then she raised her other hand forward, holding it high in the air. She maintained a blissful, longing expression towards the ceiling over her open palm as if she is expecting an angel from the heavens is about to descend and take her hand…

10… 9… 8… it won’t be long before Elise will be taken away from this world and temporarily become a statue of her former self.

“Might wanna keep your eyes closed.” She spoke to Daniel moments before the transformation took place. Eventually, the pedestal released a bright flash that surprised Daniel after the last 5 seconds have passed.

When Daniel is able to see properly again, he could not believe what he saw before his eyes. A moment ago, Elise is still a living human dressed up like a Roman civilian standing on top of a pedestal… but now, Elise’s humanly colors have all been replaced by a bright, polished shade of white, her longing pose perfectly frozen. He continued to stare at the statue-fied Elise while the pedestal’s stone cover plate rose up and disguised itself as an ordinary pedestal. With that, Elise’s transformation into a marble statue is now complete.

“Elise?” Daniel cautiously approached the pedestal to confirm that the transformation is indeed real. He gently poked Elise’s foot a few times, only to realize that it has been converted perfectly to marble just as Elise described beforehand.

“Whoa…” Having accepted the fact that Elise is now no longer a human, he started to look at her from a whole new perspective. With every single part of her body locked in place, Elise presented herself to Daniel as a delicately carved marble statue… its womanly curves sculpted with impossibly accurate details that even the most skilful artisans may not be able to correctly replicate the statue’s marvellous features.

At long last for Elise, her wildest fantasy of being gloriously preserved as a work of art is now undeniably a reality… Back then, Elise is mostly satisfied by elegantly written short stories that depicts Elise being turned into stone forever, be it by a mythical beast, or through some sci-fi methods and so forth, or a modest image of her being photo-edited into a statue, or perhaps participating in a role-playing session where Elise pretends to be a freshly created statue and sold to an unknown benefactor so that she would live her pseudo new life as an decorative object placed on display in a museum or a fancy house. But today however, Elise has genuinely stopped being a human and has become a real marble statue thanks to Solid Lab’s latest invention that is capable of turning a living human into stone.

“Good thing I brought this along.” Seeing that Elise really did become a statue, Daniel decided to take out his digital camera from his rucksack. “I bet Elise would love to see how she looked like as a statue.”

Switching the camera on, Daniel then started to take photos of Elise’s new form from various angles. Being very mindful as to not disturb the statue in any way, Daniel took dozens of photos that highlights the statue’s life-like appearance – He began from the statue’s face, its peaceful expression showing no sign of worry as an object d’art, Elise’s fair bust accentuated by her tight-fitting toga, its curvy, well-developed body, the girl’s smooth, slender legs and her realistically cute little toes. The skilled photographer worked his way up and down the statue until he is finally exhausted. Only then he decided to take a short nap on the small mountain of pillows...


When Daniel finally woke up from his short nap, he opened his eyes and found the statue of his friend still standing on top of the pedestal. Thanking the fact that what happened today isn’t a dream, he got up from the pillows and checked the time on his phone – 5 O’ clock, one more hour before Elise’s parents would eventually return back to their home, It is time for him to turn Elise back to normal.

“OK let’s see… tap the pedestal’s control pad three times…”

(Good Ending)

Tapping the control pad thrice, the cover plate did not lower itself down. Elise did brief Daniel something about finding an ‘untransform’ button on the interface after the cover plate goes down. Problem is, Daniel couldn’t even get the interface’s cover plate to go down.

“If Plan A fails, go to Plan B – push me into the pillows!” was what Elise said to Daniel before she was transformed into a statue this evening. After confirming that plan A is a no go, Daniel proceeded to make sure that the pile of pillows is in good position to cushion Elise from the fall. He then climbed onto a chair so that he can match the statue’s height.

“I hope you’re insured for damages!” Daniel shoved the statue sideways as hard as he could to tilt the statue forward, hoping to cause the statue to fall down by its own weight. Just as Elise the statue is slowly falling down, Daniel could see colours rapidly restoring back onto her body; when the girl fell onto the pile of pillows that prevented her from getting hurt, she is now restored back to a normal human being.

“You OK?” Relieved to see that plan B worked without a hitch, Daniel jumped down see if his friend is alright. Still groggy from the experience, Elise let out a soft groan before swiftly falling asleep.

“I think I’ll just leave you here for now. I’ll see you again soon.”


A few days later, photos of Elise the statue are uploaded onto the forum by Daniel after he and Elise developed the digital shots of her sculpture from the camera. The uploaded photos are well-received, with most of the forum’s committee members commending Elise’s bravery for testing out the Suddenly Statue device herself.

As expected, everyone  wanted Elise to make more of these photos, albeit in different costumes. The girl on the other hand, gladly agreed.

“Daniel! Are you ready yet?” Elise called out for Daniel from her room while she is getting dressed up. Her photographer downstairs is still busy typing a user review for Solid Lab’s most recent product, greatly praising it in his comment as Suddenly Statue ‘is a great tool for stress relief that allows you to express your hidden beauty as a statue’.

“Waiting on you, o’ mistress.” With a press of the ‘submit’ button, Daniel closed Elise’s laptop and readied his camera for today’s work. Meanwhile, Elise came downstairs in her gladiator costume that she ‘borrowed’ from the drama club, fully prepared to be transformed into a statue again.

“Ah, I can see that you are ready to lose your first, epic battle against the mighty Medusa?”

“With honour, my liege! I shall see my glory in victory where I carry the beast’s severed heard with my hand, or in defeat where I shall remain as stone for as long as eternity!” Protected only by an impractically small shield, a harmless sword and a flimsy set of armour covering only her most private parts, Elise doubted if she would actually stand a chance at defeating, let alone hurting anything at all, especially if she is pitted against a fully-fledged Gorgon creature from the mythical stories.

“Recklessly audacious, even at the face of imminent defeat! You will be greatly praised, o’ brave warrior.” Putting up his best imitation of Caesar, he heartily replied to the doomed fighter with great praise. “For that, you deserve a place on a decorated pedestal in honour of your legacy.”

“Thank you, my liege! It will be my greatest privilege to fight in the Coliseum!” Elise playfully acted along, saluting her photographer before she enters the ‘arena’ and ‘meet her end’. Minutes later, the pillow setup is complete and Elise gladly climbed onto the pedestal without a second’s pause. 

After steadying herself on top of the mechanical pedestal, she assumed a battle stance and raised both of her arms up in preparation for a fight… only to put on a shocked expression when she found out that her opponent today is none other than the legendary half-serpent beast, Medusa. 

“Transforming in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…” After pressing the transform button on the pedestal’s interface, Daniel counted the seconds down for Elise, his camera standing by to take shots of his friend that will soon to fall in combat after she gazed into the petrifying visage of the legendary monstrosity.

And once again, Elise is suddenly a statue.

(Bad Ending)

“Hmm?” Tapping the control pad thrice, the cover plate for Suddenly Statue did not lower itself as they expected. “OK…”

Dismissing the plan A that is instructed by Elise, Daniel resorted to using Plan B – pushing the statue down from the pedestal so that it can automatically revert Elise back into a human.

After climbing onto a chair to match the statue’s height, Daniel tried to push the statue in order to tilt it forward. However, no matter how hard he tried, the marble sculpture refused to move even an inch.

“What the?” Noticing that Elise is still a statue, panic slowly filled Daniel’s mind when he ran out of ideas on what to do now. Just at this moment, the pedestal’s cover plate lower itselfdown… when he went to check it, he could only see large red words printed on the interface screen.


“Whoa, not cool man – what do you mean data corrupted?” Fearing that the worst case scenario that they half-heartedly joked about has become true, Daniel examined the statue again to find any signs of change. Although he confirmed that Elise is not damaged in any way, she still remained as a cold, lifeless marble sculpture.

“OK, OK… calm down… calm down…”

The time is 4:30 PM, 30 minutes left before Elise’s parents would return from work and find out that he had permanently transformed their daughter into stone. Daniel then hurried out of the house and fled the scene as soon as possible, and left Elise as a statue on top of the malfunctioned pedestal in her home…


It has been a full day ever since Daniel left Elise’s home after the incident. Thankfully it was Saturday that day, so he doesn’t have to worry about school for now. Undoubtedly, Elise’s parents should have discovered the mess in their living room as well as the unusual addition of a pedestal and a life-sized marble statue to their list of interior decoration items. Whether her parents knew that the marble statue is in fact their one and only daughter, Daniel does not know; he sincerely hoped that nothing bad would happen to her while he tries to find a way to restore her back to normal.

As soon as Daniel returned home from his part time work, he frantically read through the online operation manual for Solid Lab’s Suddenly Statue. Unfortunately for Daniel, there is nothing in it that tells him on what to do in case of a ‘data corruption’. 

“I swear I didn’t cut off the power or anything like that!” While he is still in his research, he received an e-mail from Solid Labs that tells him that Elise has been turned into a statue by their device and his help is needed to reverse the transformation. Irony ran right through him as he was the one that transformed her in the first place…

“If that happens, will you sell me to an art museum?” Daniel suddenly remembered Elise’s last words in case the transformation is irreversible. He stared blankly at the computer screen, his mind completely lost on what to do.

“No… I can’t do that…” Back then, Daniel and Elise both played with the idea on selling Elise out for some money while she is still a statue… but now that the idea occurred again in his mind, it appeared to him as the only reasonable thing left to do. “But how?” 

When Daniel managed to recompose himself, he nodded slowly and turned off the computer, determined on what to do tomorrow morning.



“Ah, Mr. Daniel, good morning! Come to visit your craftwork again?”

The museum’s curator greeted Daniel politely when Daniel came to visit the art museum again. Ever since his escapade with the statue of Elise, he sold the marble sculpture to the local art museum as planned under the guise of a ‘charity sale from an A+ graded art assignment’. The actual sale itself did not go as Daniel had imagined… since he is merely a student from the local college, Daniel does not have the valid documents to be an officially licensed artist, and as a result the negotiated price was a lot lower than he expected.

If it was any form of consolation for Daniel, he gets to enter the art museum for free as long as his statue is placed on display. In the event the statue is sold to another person, he is entitled to a small portion of the money as his royalty payment while the statue is sold under the museum’s name. It sounded like a terrible idea at first, but seeing that Daniel has nowhere else to keep the statue of his friend, he had no choice but to go with the plan.

At the centre of the main exhibit is Daniel’s ‘magnum opus’, a marble statue of an Ancient Greek woman placed on top of a seemingly ordinary pedestal. ‘For Elise’ was the name Daniel gave to his statue-fied friend, its pose remain unchanged ever since her one-way transition from a human to a marble sculpture. The museum owner is not aware of the truth that he and the pedestal are responsible for Elise’s permanent transformation into a living art… 

Believing that the people would not buy into this ridiculous story, Daniel decided that it is best for them that he tells no one about this little secret…

“Your name is Mr. Daniel, correct?” A deep voice coming from behind broke Daniel’s depressing thoughts. When he turned around, he found 3 well-dressed men standing in front of him, emitting a paralyzing aura that immediately sent chills down his back… “We believe that we have the right reasons to take you with us.”


“So, this is ‘For Elise’ eh? Quite a piece of sculpture made by a college delinquent…”
“Yes, a very talented one, at least. I take it that you have agreed to purchase this sculpture?”
“Certainly. It’ll look very nice in my collection of Roman antiques… I will discuss payment details with you soon – have this statue delivered to my home with the pedestal as soon as possible.”
“I can arrange that, sir. Pleasure doing business with you.”

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